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I hope you all are enjoying summers 😀


I know makeup is important for all of you . i feel  eyes should look appealing.👧

For the beginners its very tough to understand the contours and all. Well u need practice!

Eye makeup is comparatively  easy and makes you look prettier.❤


what we generally do,we apply liner , eyeshadow etc with a great concentration and patience but WE TAKE OUR EYELASHES FOR GRANTED ! this is where we go wrong. I feel perfect eyelashes are very important part when you are doing your eye makeup .



Most of the times when we apply mascara it sticks to the eyelids or below the eyebrows .

sometimes eyelashes stick together and washing it is a bad option because then your eyes will turn red or black *giggles*


Obviously we need to know about this because we face these problems with our eyelashes .



All you need to do is,apply olive oil on your eyelid each and every night before going to sleep. you will get long lashes in no time . :)😄💋


If your lashes are sticking together i feel thats due to your mascara wand . all you need to do is run your mascara wand under hot water for easier application.



In order to get a clean appearance use a plastic spoon .place the plastic spoon below or above the area where you are applying mascara.💝



When putting on mascara don’t clump on too much.Wipe a little bit off.this will give you beautiful eyelashes .🙊



A mascara dries up before half of it is used.when your mascara starts getting dry add 3-4 drops of eye drops to it.then, insert your wand and stir . yayee 😀 YOUR FRESH MASCARA IS READY .✌💋



If you want a natural look  try using plain Vaseline on your lashes instead of mascara.It darkens lashes ,it wont dry up to make lashes break off,lashes wont stick together.






Reasons everyone need to adopt Peganism🌱

Heya fam🌼

So there are people who eat eggs but they don’t eat meat. I mean 70% of people are paleo and vegan at the same time . We need a diet that we can adopt for long term .A diet that will have all the essential nutrients.So here’s the healthiest diet – Pegan Diet.

Pegan diet is a combination of Paleo and Vegan diet. Paleo diet also known as caveman diet is a diet based on types of foods presumed to have been eaten by early humans.Vegan diet consists vegetables, vegetable oils and seeds excluding all food of animal origin .It includes combining the best parts of both the diets. The best part of this diet is that it is less restrictive and more sustainable. It helps to eliminate the processed foods from daily diet .

Processed foods are the major contributors to obesity and illness. Pegan diet emphasizes nutrient rich fruits and vegetables and healthy unsaturated fats . This hybrid diet helps in weight management and in keeping oxidative stress at the minimum. It also helps to manage cholesterol , blood pressure and other heart related functions. Pegan diet incorporates the healthiest elements of both the diets and it is an overall good eating strategy.

Characteristics of an Ideal Diet:
• Low glycemic index
• High phytonutrient content
• Organic
• High in good fats

The need of such diet lead to Peganism.Peganism is the hybrid version of Paleo diet and Vegan diet. Paleo diet is a diet based on types of foods presumed to have been eaten by early humans whereas veganism is practice of abstaining from use of animal products. It involves food that is organic and not genetically enengineered.Pegan diet involves minimizing sugar and refined carbohydrates.
Characteristics of pegan diet :
• Eat right fats
• 75% diet includes plants
• Avoid dairy
• Avoid gluten
• Focus on glycemic load
Benefits of pegan diet:
• Low glycemic load
• Low toxicity
• Lower risk of heart disease
• Weight loss
• Lean protein for muscle growth

You need to buy a Clay Water Pot this summer🏺

With the modernization and civilisation, our food patterns have changed so much .

The reality is we cannot eliminate everything and save ourselves everytime .

So In order to save ourselves from all the trending diseases .

We have to take baby steps 🌞

Water has a lot of chlorine , dairy products have antibiotics . We don’t have all those sustainably raised foods around us.

You can just not purify your water and do your thing.

So I use clay pots and clay utensils for water food and tea .

It seems kind of tough but trust me it’s not .

Clay pots are something I just cannot leave .

I have a water bottle made of clay near my bed which keeps water cool throughout and filters it in a way . You see that white deposits with time and it’s due to minerals and fertilizers. I mean just smell them. Heaven❣️

Clay is alkaline in nature and it neautralizes the pH balance of food . pH is something which is extremely important and decides if you are healthy. So yeah I will just explain it to you in few words.It will be a help to you.Acidic pH is harmful .

The fact is it has all essential vitamins .Also vitamin B12.

It’s not that costly as you see on shopping apps.

There are choices like there is a lot of stuff made up of clay.

People are getting back to basics because it’s the need of the hour.

Contact me if you need one for a cheaper price.💗

This trick made me lose weight and keep a check on my goals❤( I’m not perfect , No one is!) 😁💪

Heya fam❤

So ,here’s my story.

I’m one of those who gain weight really fast.😶

This year was a roller coaster and the same when it comes to fitness regime.😁

But I don’t regret it though as I had multiple rib fractures and now I’m finally back.😁💪

So I have to lose 10kgs❤😝

It’s not easy but okay I have to do this.

So here I have something that will motivate me throughout and it works❤

All you have to do it pick an outfit that you need to fit in!

And draw it on a piece of paper and divide it into no.of part according to no. Of weight you want to lose!

Everytime you lose 1kg colour that space and reward yourself with some money to save that will help you to buy that outfit!!

Hang this sheet in front of you ( in your room or anywhere , wherever its visible)

This will keep you motivated and you can focus well!❤

All the best guys😁



You too? 🌟( A phase everyone suffer’s from)

Heya fam❤

So it has been so long and I was not active but this time it was me who was suffering through alot.

Twist and turns taken by life are just something you can’t control .

When I was young I use to have low self esteem and never had a conversation with any of my school and This is something that alot of people suffer from .

The problem is not your weight it’s the mentality of other people .

Body shaming is a thing guys directly connected to depression and anxiety attacks.

So I just got out of it with help of my family.

But I really have this question why other’s not being the normal size is your problem?

I strongly support fitness and also I’m not promoting obesity !

If you find people obese , out of the shape , accept them as they are . They are normal . Motivate your friends , help them support them!

Being fit is the goal not size zero❤


Hey beautiful people!


I’m back with something awesome. The Internet is flooded with thousands of beauty products and we don’t know what to buy. Among millions and millions of products, to buy one perfect product that works for us, we choose the hit and trial method. No? This leads to wastage of our savings and our hard earned money.

Imagine you had an option to try a product for free the first time you buy it. This will help you to choose that perfect one without wastage of money. Also what if you could try 3 products for free?

images (2)

It’s possible guys! I love to shop. Like you guys I have all the apps. Most of the time’s its like I order something because

  • It looks good
  • reviews are good
  • it’s in my budget
  • It works for a lot of people I know

And finally, when I try it it doesn’t work.

So here’s the solution!


Smytten allows you to build your own kit, you can choose from all the products available.

Here you get one full sized product and 2 sample products!

You just have to pay shipping that’s just Rs.200

Not a bad deal right?

20181220_120048 (2)


What if the product is fake?

It’s not. I bought it and trust me it’s the same as they ‘ve shown.

  • QUALITY 10/10
  • QUANTITY 10/10


Also after buying a product you can try products again for free.

The cart gets updated every week so there is always new stuff to try from!

What are you waiting for?


visit and try :https://smytten.com/

Insanely awesome Denim diy❤

No wardrobe is complete without pair of denim jeans. Jeans is the backbone and is really important.

Denims never go out of style.I think it something you start wearing as a kid and you even wear it when you are old.Now we have a wide range to choose from like slim fit , straight leg , boyfriend , bootcut and flare.

Its really important to know how to wear them !

The struggle is real

Its a tough job to get a pair which fits right and that is a reason we dont throw our denims.

This post is for the people who want to experiment with their old jeans and make it look bomb af!

You dont need to be a pro !

Unlock your creative side! I’ve came across 100 diys on ripped jeans and at times it does not turn out to be perfect and looks weird!

For these looks you need scissors and acrylic paints ! You can use patches if you want to.

You can get them from westside , forever21 and H&M !

Also you can order them online!❣

These diys are supercool and supereasy!

You can do it yourself or just call your friends or your mom !


Exfoliation 🌠

Exfoliation means to remove the dead skin cells from the outermost surface.Our skin loses millions of skin cells in a day. Coffee can be used as an exfoliator. Rice bran is also used to exfoliate.

Exfoliation speeds up the production of new skin cells.It is done by

  • Mechanical methods

This methods involves use of scrubs , gloves and brushes.

  • Chemical methods

Abrasives are used . AHA ,BHA and fruit enzymes are used for chemical exfoliation.

For exfoliation you need to choose the exfoliator according to your skin type.

  • Dry skin : Lactic acid and glycolic acid is good for dry skin.
  • Normal skin type : you need to know what is your concern.
  1. If your skin gets dry you can use lactic acid .
  2. Oily skin? Aspirin will work for you. Opt for chemical exfoliation.
  3. For dark spots you can use fruit enzymes and also salicylic acid

Further , people with oil skin know ” The struggle is real”.

  • Oily skin : Salicylic acid is best for you. You should chose chemical exfoliation

You should exfoliate 2-3 times a week.

Exfoliating everyday may lead to inflammation.

Why is it important?

  • Hyperpigmentation : exfoliation helps to remove basal layer and produce new cells.
  • Glowing skin
  • Smoother makeup application
  • Reduces fine lines and other signs of ageing
  • Unclog pores which reduce acne

There are various natural exfoliators

  1. Coffee : It has anti-inflammatory properties and produces collagen. It also helps with hyperpigmentation.
  2. Oatmeal : It nourishes skin and wipes away dead cell.Its a blessing for people with sensitive skin
  3. Sugar : As it is made from sugarcane which has glycolic acid , Its an excellent exfoliator.
  4. Yoghurt: It has lactic acid . Applying yoghurt will do wonders to your face and it will glow.
  5. Tomatoes: Tomato is good for oily skin. Rub them on yout face and leave it for 10 mins .

Know your coffee☕

But first coffee?😁

Coffee makes work lighter and life brighther. I am addicted to it ! We also have different preferences and choose coffee accordingly.

There are number of options in the menu but people know half of them and finally decide to order the one that they ordered last time.No?

Coffee that is 1,3,7 – Dimethylxanthine is the most consumed drink of the world.Well! Obviously❤ Its a stimulant and has diuretic effects.Around 9,000,000 tonnes coffee is produced annuallly. 🌸

Now the most important question how much coffee should we consume in a day?

A 250ml cup of coffee contains 80-100mg of caffeine and its healthy for an adult to consume 2-3 cups a day.


Well! Alot of people think dark roast has more caffeine content but thats not true.

Just because its dark does not mean it has more caffeine.💁

Light roast has more caffeine content.😀

  • DECAF = No caffeine?

Blah! Decaf means it has little amount of caffeine that is 15mg and does not mean no caffeine.

  • Coffee and your brain

Coffee makes you more energetic and further helps you to function. Basically for all the people from medical backgrounds coffee is said to boost the performamce because when caffeine gets into our cerebral cortex the receptors bind with caffeine and not with adenosine.

  • Coffee is the secret of New Yorkers energy?

I’ve been to New york thrice . Their pace is tremendous ! New yorkers drink 7 times more coffee than rest of the the cities in US .Also, I LOVE NY.😁❤

What’s in your cup?

This section will tell you about what exactly is in your cup of coffee. So next time maybe you can try a different one.🌸

Its okay to be addicted to coffee💁 Here are its benefits!

  • Its helps to fight depression
  • Relieves headaches
  • Good for your skin
  • Reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Protects liver
  • Reduces the risk of cancers.
  • It is good for your liver.
  • Aids in weight loss.
  • Helps with anxiety

So , lets gets caffeinated .❤

Kendall jenner outfits that you can steal..🌠

Kenall jenner is a stunner ! ❤ She is a goddess and definitely GOALS❤She looks amazing everyday. She looks amazing on runaway and even her street styles are just so WOW.😍 These styles are for all the people who mix match, combine stuff and still rock the outfit like a boss.❤All her outfits are just amazing.❤

Sooo have a look at these❤

  1. Leather jacket + denim skirt. This is something we all have in our wardrobes.

2. A cut sleeve black top + coal black jeans.❤

3. CROP hooodiesss are love❤

Blue jeans 🤔We all have that no?😁

4. White tee + blue jeans .❤

5. THIS IS TRENDING❤❤ off shoulder and blue jeans we see everyday. Combine it with steal sandals.❤

6. This ia the real example of mix and match no ? Also this looks just amazing dont forget to try this look.❤

7. Black tee + skirt with highlighted eyes is a deadly combination.❤

8. High waist jeans + off shoulder top .Add a bit of nude lipstick and you will rock❤

These are just some attires thay you can steal as you have all this in your wardrobe.❤

Do mix match combine and write to me.❤

Love ,